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It can be hard to steep through the layers of misinformation surrounding Christianity. False assumptions, misunderstandings, and half-truths fog the real truth, so even Christians get confused about what’s real and what’s not.

In three videos, Trevor Sutton will help you work through this confusion, dispelling one falsehood after another and revealing clear Christianity.


A. Trevor Sutton is associate pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Haslett, Michigan. He has published multiple sermons, Bible studies, and devotional books with various Christian publishers. Sutton holds an MDiv from Concordia Seminary and is a graduate student in writing and rhetoric at Michigan State University.

Clearly Christian

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“Will humble you, challenge you, and inspire you to boldly live as a follower of Jesus in a lost and confused world.”

—Rev. Tim Niekerk, Senior Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, TX

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Clearly Christian

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