Session One: Paul is new, but the mission is not


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Acts 13:1–43

Central Focus

As the account of Paul’s journeys begins in Acts, Paul is still fairly “new” to the Christian Church and to its missionary work. The mission of Christ to seek and save the lost was not new, however, and it does not get old for the church today.


That participants, led by the Holy Spirit working through God’s Word, will

  • tell the first part of the story of Paul’s first missionary journey;
  • explain why it is important that those who proclaim the Gospel say the same thing; and
  • want to learn more about Paul’s missionary journeys.

Opening Prayer

Lord God, who long ago sent Your Church and her pastors to tell the Good News of salvation in Christ, make us faithful here and now. Give us courage before the world, submission to Your Word, and salvation for our sin-sick selves so that, with one voice, we may declare Your excellencies for having called us out of darkness into Your marvelous light. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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