Session 1: The Rough Fisherman

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Simon Peter was the undisputed leader among Jesus’ twelve disciples. Impulsive and full of passion, he was a man of strange contradictions. One minute, he declared Jesus the Son of God and promised Messiah; the next, he tried to discourage Him from completing His mission. One minute, he walked across the Sea of Galilee; the next, he was sinking beneath the surface through fear and unbelief. One minute, he single-handedly attacked a company of soldiers to defend Jesus; moments later, he threw Jesus under the bus to protect himself from a servant girl.

Not all of us are as bold and impulsive as Peter, but we can all learn a lot from him. So, let’s start at the beginning. But, as we look at how Peter first met Jesus of Nazareth, we need to keep one thing in mind: Peter was not his original name. Jesus will give him that name afterward. As we first meet him, he is simply Simon, the son of John.

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