Embracing Godly Character

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We live in a godless culture, where being godly is countercultural. So what are we supposed to do when the faith of the next generation is threatened and challenged?

Parents and other faith leaders within the Christian community are essential to raising godly families, and that begins with starting a conversation about the role that character formation plays in equipping the next generation to stand firm in the faith—for now and for generations to come.

In these thirteen video sessions, author Kenneth Kremer invites congregations to learn together how to instill godly character in themselves and their children.


Kenneth J. Kremer is a retired school administrator and elementary school teacher. He previously served as family-counselor-at-large for Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Services. From 1992–2011, he served as editor-in-chief for three periodicals that were developed for Christian parents.

Embracing Godly Character

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“Provides guidance for pastors, teachers, and parents to help them understand and counter the forces that are trying to pull their children away from God.”

—Dr. John F. Brug, The Wartburg Project

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Embracing Godly Character

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