Epic Warrior: Grab Your Gospel Armor

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The Bible is an epic story that follows the Old Testament prophecy of Christ through His defeat of the ancient enemy—Satan—and sin. God calls you to live out your vocations through this story, equipping you with a sword and shield of your own: the sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith.

Through four lessons with Rev. Pete Jurchen, learn the epic story of God’s Word and how He calls you to live your life through faith in God’s epic plan of salvation. Each lesson includes focused portions of time to allow for discussion without getting off track. The Learner Guidebook includes reflection questions and five daily devotions for everyone in your group.

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The Bible is the everlasting, epic story. Learn how God calls you through His Word.

God has called you into battle, but what tools has He given you to fight with? See what He provides for you, His royal warrior.

See how God works His epic story in your life through your vocations. Find where your battlefields are in real life and how you’re equipped for them.

What has God given you to help you in the world of spiritual warfare? See how faith, light, and forgiveness make up your equipment for battle.


Rev. Pete Jurchen is an editor of curriculum resources at Concordia Publishing House. In addition to his MDiv, he has an MSEd in curriculum leadership and enjoys the pursuit of lifelong learning. He is honored to serve the congregations of the LCMS by equipping and partnering with their households in engaging their God-given vocations. He lives in Imperial, MO, with his wife, Deb, and his four children.

“Our epic calling is essentially this—God has chosen us to be a special kind of people. Through His Word and Sacraments, God has equipped us and made us part of His epic plan of salvation. By His Word, God gives us faith and life and opens our eyes to our place in His great salvation story, the one true epic story. But more than that, we’re also royal priests. This means that, by virtue of God’s choice, we’re all doing holy, special, sacred work.”

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Epic Warrior: Grab Your Gospel Armor

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