Family Trees & Olive Branches

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Our families are equal parts love and brokenness, laughter and tears, hugs and cold shoulders.

No matter what your family has been through, you can find healing and refuge in God’s grace. This video study is all about creating a culture of grace in your families—no matter your situation. Whether your family is silent, angry, joyful, or apathetic, you can improve your family’s culture by seeking God’s grace together.

Join author Christina Hergenrader as you learn lessons of forgiveness tips for navigating tough relationships together—all under God’s grace.


Christina Hergenrader knows family. She is a sister, daughter, wife, mother, cousin, and aunt. She lives near Houston, Texas, with her husband, Mike, their four kids, and their incredibly lazy Greyhound. She is the author of the Novel Devotions series, Starring Roles, God Loves Moms, Love Rules, and Last Summer at Eden. She loves speaking to groups and teaching about Jesus.

Family Trees and Olive Branches

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“If you desire to create new life, mend broken relationships, train your children, honor your parents, and bring Glory to God through your family, Family Trees and Olive Branches is instrumental.”

—Melissa Brignac

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Family Trees and Olive Branches

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