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When we pray, we’re hesitant to believe that our small voices will make it to the Father and that He will listen. But Jesus gave His disciples—and us—the Lord’s Prayer to guide us with words of confession, thanks, recognition, need, and praise. Whether you’ve prayed the Lord’s Prayer hundreds of times or are just beginning to learn it, Our Way Home invites you to study this model prayer and the beauty within it.

Using vivid storytelling, Paavola takes viewers through the Lord’s Prayer, learning about the depth of each petition. Learn to pray the Lord’s Prayer without hesitation and with love for what He has given us as Daniel Paavola leads you through this four-session FaithCourse.


Daniel E. Paavola is a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin. He holds a master of theology from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in exegetical theology from Concordia Seminary. He is the author of Our Way Home: A Journey through the Lord’s Prayer; Patience and Perfection: Finding Peace in God’s Plan for You!; and Grace, Faith, Scripture: Portrait of a Lutheran.

Our Way Home

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“Heaven is the home we haven’t yet seen. But, in the meantime, we reach it in our prayers. The Lord’s Prayer assures us that we are part of the company of heaven, with all those who stand before our Father. . . . We may not have actually crossed the threshold yet, but we see our Father by faith, and we know He hears us as we’re coming.”

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Our Way Home

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