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We all want connection. Understanding. Someone to walk with.

You might think mentoring is stuffy or formal. That it’s someone older than you dispensing advice while you silently listen.

Instead, modern-day mentoring looks more like two women figuring out life side by side. It looks like a spur-of-the-moment coffee date on a stressful day. A late-night phone call when you need prayer. A friend who meets you where you are.

Join Darcy Paape in this CPH FaithCourse. Through Bible stories like the woman at the well, you’ll see what genuine connection looks like, and you’ll learn how to begin a Christ-centered mentoring relationship.


  • Reframe mentoring as walking together and a summary of the little moments we share with one another.
  • Highlight and discuss biblical examples of how God uses simple and unlikely people to do His will and how He equips the called.
  • Identify and share moments in our own lives that speak to the actions of others that make a big impact in our own story.


  • Identify ways that labels can get in the way of making connections with other people.
  • Understand that, according to Knapp’s model of relationship development, good relationships will take time to form and diligence is important.
  • Define empathic listening and understand its foundational significance in a mentoring relationship.
  • Practice effective listening skills with one another.


  • Articulate reasons why vulnerability is an important ingredient to create deeper connections with one another and a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Identify examples of why God designed the Church as many parts of one Body that need one another to operate effectively.
  • Share examples in Scripture when God’s people were close to burning out and needed to reach out for help.
  • Share an example of a time when expressing a weakness was hard but resulted in help or shared community.


  • Discuss the importance of living water for the woman at the well and for us.
  • Recognize that God’s discipline may hurt at the time, but it leads to fruitful growth if we are trained by it.
  • Understand how God’s Word can be used as a guide for a mentoring relationship.
  • Identify passages that point to the importance of helping others see our need for Jesus and the forgiveness available to us through Jesus Christ.


  • Share examples from Scripture that clearly emphasize the importance of dealing with conflict and forgiving others.
  • Identify what Scripture says about the way we are to address conflicts and brainstorm ways that our mentoring relationships can hold us accountable to this.
  • Recognize that we are called to forgive not because the other person deserves forgiveness but because of the example of Christ Jesus.
  • Brainstorm ways that, as a Church, we can better model forgiveness for one another.


  • Share a favorite Bible verse and why it is important to us.
  • Identify moments in our own story where God was with us
  • Brainstorm ways to share Christ’s work in our lives with others in our families, mentoring relationships, and church family.

Darcy Paape is the executive director of the Women’s Leadership Institute in Mequon, Wisconsin. She works in campus ministry and has served at congregations in youth and family ministry and as a high school teacher. Darcy makes her home in Wisconsin with her husband and daughters.

Someone to Walk With

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“Starting an effective mentoring initiative does not have to rely on reaching a quota or designing a program. It can begin with one woman who makes herself available to mentor another.”

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Someone to Walk With

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