Timeless Truth

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God’s Word is timeless. It’s for everyone. And it can be taught by you!

In this video lesson, author Pete Jurchen will provide you with a basic guide for teaching God’s Word to anyone of any age. The educational techniques and principles he teaches work especially well for anyone preparing to teach confirmation, Sunday School, youth group, or adult Bible class.

Pete Jurchen

Rev. Pete Jurchen is an editor of curriculum resources at Concordia Publishing House. In addition to his MDiv, he has an MS Ed in curriculum leadership and enjoys the pursuit of lifelong learning. He is honored to serve the congregations of the LCMS by equipping and partnering with its households in engaging their God-given vocations. He lives in Imperial, Missouri, with his wife, Deb, and their four children.

Timeless Truth

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“God’s Word not only gives us eternal life, but it also sustains our lives here and now. . . . God’s Word gives life to confused parents and confirmands struggling to find the answers to their big questions.”

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Timeless Truth

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