Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

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You can’t just take a hammer and a chisel to the Jesus of the Bible and form Him into your own personal Jesus.

This study not only reminds us who the real Jesus of the Bible is, but also reveals to us twelve false christs who are embraced, loved, promoted, and revered, even by well-meaning Christians.

Each of the 14 lessons in this online video study, led by author Matthew Richard, points you to the real Jesus, who is greater than any false christ you could imagine.


Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard is the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Minot, North Dakota. He is married to Serenity, and they have three children. He enjoys fishing, pheasant hunting, watching movies, writing, golfing, spending time with his family, and reading a good book with a warm latte!

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

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“By the end of this [study], we are going to desperately want the real Jesus to please stand up in the middle of all the false christs, telling us for Himself who He really is. . . We can then clearly answer who Jesus is, for this is the most important answer and confession the Christian can give.”
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Will the Real Jesus Stand Up? – 12 False Christs

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